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​Welcome to the Dunbarton Distributor Locator.  Dunbarton utilizes an experienced channel of AHTD Distributors to assist our customers with Applications, Sizing and Selection, Ordering, and Technical Support. Our distributors have access to servo motors and drives, step motors and drives, actuators, controllers, and accessories that can be combined to meet even your most demanding motion control application. 

When you first arrive to the page, the system will check your GeoIP location and display locally available distributors.  You can then choose to filter the locator by specific product types, and then by your zip code (in the United States), or by Country elsewhere.  When you enter your zip code, the tool will then calculate the distance to each location from that particular zip. You can change the listing order from our default (ranked) to distance or alpha, based on your preferences.

Certified LogoNEW - Certified Logo

Dunbarton recognizes our distributor partners who commit their time and resources to ongoing development of their motion knowledge.  This symbol identifies Dunbarton Certified Partners who meet the Dunbarton Solution Provider criteria and have committed to on-going training and evaluation aimed to continuously enhance their technical and commercial knowledge required to support Dunbarton products